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Easy Crate Features

Easy Crate is the most complete and profitable tool available to the retail crating industry today! In seconds you can get ACCURATE (no guessing!) costs, profits, manufacturing times, weights & dimensions. Deploy Tech has the only software that accurately meets the standards required by insurance companies and government agencies for safe transportation.

Costing and Prices

Enjoy what you do, but make money doing it. It would be nice if we could all work for free, but we can't. If you're in business to make money, you need to know what makes money for you and be assured that your tools bring in the greatest return possible. Trying to sell a crate for too much is just as bad as selling it at a loss. You can not only lose a sale, but lose a customer as well. With Easy Crate you know what the crate will cost you (including custom packing) and you know what is the best price you can get for your services. Nobody can tell you what you should charge for a crate, but with Easy Crate, your pricing will be consistent and accurate, and YOU can decide if you want to compete on price or quality.

Manufacturing Times

It's important to know how long it will take YOU to make a crate based on real, factual and historical information. Deploy Tech released our first version of crating software nearly 20 years ago and all our calculations are based on real world situations. There's nothing worst than planning on finishing a job at 5:00 PM but not actually finishing until 10:00! Crate Pro tells you how long it will take based on your own unique situation and you can always adjust your settings based on changes in your business.

Weights & Dimensions

You can't control what the customer thinks their product weighs, but they'll be impressed when you have your weights right! Crate Pro uses accurate material weights for both the container and the packing materials, and Crate Pro performs calculations right down to the nail. That's right, Crate Pro doesn't guess at weights or give an estimate of outside dimensions. Get your shipping quote right the first time and keep the customer happy.

Customer Retention Tools

Easy Crate allows you to print out customer quotes using your own design format. You can add your company logo and layout the quote your way. And with Easy Crate, your quote will include everything, the container, packing materials, packing time and anything else you want to throw in. No sloppy hand written quotes.

Easy Crate also has a built in campaign marketing tool! You can print out post cards or full page fliers right from the program.

Relational Database

Say what? This means Easy Crate saves all your data. (You don't even have to hit a save button!) You have a complete customer history and can look up ANYTHING at anytime. You can even create designs and turn them into templates for your employees to use while you're away.




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